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Keeping us all safe

Our priority is to keep our customers and our staff safe and healthy, so we have had to make some changes to ensure that we're Good To Go! Keep scrolling to see what we've done...


Welcome (and sanitise!)

The first thing you will see when you come in the door is our sanitising station. We ask you to please sanitise your hands and then find a table and take a seat.


Take a seat

You will see that we have changed the layout of our tables so that they are now back to back, with more room in between the tables. We have had to remove some tables too.


Table service

We have always been table service, so no change there, only more space down the centre of the shop enabling people to move more easily through. At your table your server will ask you for a contact name and phone number for NHS Scotland's Test and Protect.



Around the counter we have placed some perspex screens, so that when you come to pay (we will happily take either cash or card), then we are separated by the screen. When we are on the shop floor we will be wearing visors to ensure everyone's safety.



Our gifts are back in the gallery where we have removed a couple of displays to give more space if you need to queue for the toilet. On the back wall just before the toilet door we now have a sanitiser and we do ask that you please sanitise hands before using the facilities.


Passing Place

We've even created a Passing Place at our narrowest point so that we can pass each other safely. We might even get round to filling the holes in the wall in at some point (we had to move the fridge that was hiding them!) Whilst you wait there, you can read the Test and Protect data collection small print which we've attached to the side of the fridge!