Beautifully blended and balanced

All our shots are doubles - please say if you’d prefer a single shot. We also serve  freshly ground decaffeinated coffee and we have dairy free soya or oat

milk (40p)

Espresso– just coffee, nothing added 2.70

Cappuccino–  espresso with a thick foamy milk topped off with a dusting of chocolate 2.85

Latte– espresso with a thickened milk poured on top 2.85

Americano– hot water is added to the cup before the espresso shot 2.70

Flat White– espresso extracted for less time with less latte milk 2.80

Cortado– double espresso served with equal amount of latte milk 2.80

Macchiato– espresso with a couple of teaspoons of cappuccino froth in the centre of the crema 2.80

Mocha– like a latte but with delicious chocolate placed in cup before the shot 3.25

Iced Coffee–coffee served on ice and topped with cold milk 2.95

Syrup- Vanilla, hazelnut, gingerbread or caramel 60p