Flora Teas

 Flora Teas™ are hand-tied individual first-pick tea tips (Green tea) with selected dried aromatic flowers forming a tea ball/heart, which reveals its secret centre when placed in boiling water, blooming into an artistic and captivating flower display with an enriching taste.

Flora Tea™ brings an artistic, innovative and simple way to enjoy real tea with all your senses.  Presents the perfect wow factor, amazing drama and the art of tea. All are £3.75 Also available to take home in gift packs in our gift shop.

Lily Fairy - with jasmine and lily

Flower Lover - with jasmine, chrysanthemum, and globe amaranth

Jasmine with Love - with jasmine

Oriental Beauty - with jasmine and marigold

Aromatic Mayflower - with lily and sweet scented osmanthus

Flying Snow - with marigold and coconut fruit fibre

Heart's Desire - with rose and lily

Summer Love - with carnation and sweet scented osmanthus

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and each flower has traditionally been associated with different health benefits:  
Carnation: Helps to regulate cholesterol, good for the skin, liver and eyes

Chrysanthemum: Helps to soothe sore throat and cough

Coconut fruit fibre: Helps to eliminate phlegm, soothe the liver and regulate the stomach

Globe Amaranth: Purifying, good for the liver and eyes, helps to alleviate high blood pressure

Jasmine: Calming, good for the digestive system and kidneys

Lily: Helps to ease and give restful sleep, good for the liver and eyes

Marigold: Helps to soothe sore throat and cough

Sweet-scented Osmanthus: Helps to soothe cough, good for the digestive system