Food Menu

Freshly prepared for you


Please see the board for today’s fillings and toppings for:

* Sandwiches (on white or malted brown) 5.95

*Toasties (on white, malted brown or gluten free) 6.50

*Wraps 6.25

*Paninis on artisan ciabatta 7.50

All above served with a cheeky side salad.

Chutneys available: caramelised red onion or ginger and apricot 

Add a small bowl of soup, take away the side salad, add 2.75

*Soups of the day– (see board for flavours) 

large bowl of fresh soup served with 

         artisan bread and butter  5.00 

         cheese scone and butter  6.50

*Today’s specials– please see the boards

*Cheese platter – chunks of 3 different cheeses, chunky artisan bread & butter, chutney and salad 9.50

*Ham and cheese platter– Succulent ham and Scottish mature cheese served with chunky artisan bread, chutney and salad 9.50

*Porridge pot Stoats Scottish oats 3.50

     - plainwith honey or jam 

     - apple and cinnamon

* Tea cake -Toasted artisan tea cake with jam and butter 2.80

*Scone     with butter and jam 2.65

                 with jam and clotted cream 3.30