Other drinks

Hot Chocolate

Kelso Hot Chocolate – a chocolatey hot chocolate produced here in Kelso by Cocoaecosse with 70% cocoa – yes, 70%! 3.50

Deluxe Hot Chocolate- add a bed of marshmallows, real dairy cream and chocolate dust 4.10


Pot of premium tea 2.25

Pot of decaffeinated tea 2.60

Pot of loose-leaf speciality tea 2.60

    Scottish Breakfast               Camomile

    Scottish Afternoon                     Vanilla

    Earl Grey                     Red Berry Crush

    Assam                                          Peach 

    Darjeeling                          Peppermint

Lemon and Elderflower

Chai latte handcrafted with 100% natural ingredients 3.50

 Cold drinks

Sparkling drinks: 2.60

* Rhubarb 

* Elderflower Lemonade

* Ginger Beer

* Cloudy Apple 

* Coke (330ml bottle) 

* Diet Coke 

* Irn Bru 

* Irn Bru sugar free

Sparkling light 2.95

Fentimans sparkling light contains 36% less sugar


*Rose lemonade

Juices: 2.20

Our natural juices are made from 100% pressed juice with nothing artificial added 

*Apple and Elderflower, 

* Apple and Rhubarb juice,

* Fresh pure orange (with bits!)

Little cartons: 2.00

Simple pressed juice shaken up with water with nothing artificial added 

* Apple and Summer Berries, 

* Apple and Mango

Other drinks:

* Ginger Wine (non-alcoholic) Homemade by Kitty not hot, but peppery, with a long, warm demi-sweet finish  3.75

* Mineral water - Sparkling or still 2.00

* Milk 1.65

* Babyccino - warm milk with a frothy top and a dust of chocolate 1.70